New Attorney General Spotlight: Nevada AG Aaron Ford

Aaron Ford will bring a wide array of legal and political experiences, as well as consumer protection zeal, to the Nevada Attorney General’s Office in his coming four year term.  Ford has been a political force in Nevada since his election to the Nevada State Senate in 2012, after which he served as Minority Leader from 2014 – 2016, and Majority Leader from 2016 – 2018, following Nevada Democrats’ re-taking of the Senate chamber in 2016.

Ford’s legislative priorities in the past several years can be expected to inform his enforcement priorities.  As Majority Leader, Ford championed legislation (1) requiring additional disclosures in pharmaceutical pricing, (2) providing heavier regulation of financial advisors, (3) regulating short-term lending, and (4) providing paid sick leave.  When campaigning, Ford portrayed his enforcement targets as “unscrupulous scammers and lenders […] who rip off our seniors, insurance companies who deny care, [and] polluters who poison our air and water.”

Thus, many of Ford’s priorities align strongly with trends in AG enforcement nationwide.  Pharmaceutical firms continue to be favorite targets of AG investigations as drug prices remain fixed in public debate, as do short-term lenders.  With respect to sick leave, though the legislation pushed by Ford in the Senate was eventually vetoed, his dedication on the issue suggests he will have a strong focus on enforcing wage and hour laws, as well as other worker-focused protections, as Attorney General.

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