Watch: State AG Investigations – How to Fight Back!

In recent decades – and notably in the past eight months – state attorneys general have played a prominent role in making public policy through legal process on the state and national level. While most recent headlines have focused on AG efforts to affect national immigration policy, state AGs continue to wield substantial power over private companies and even whole industries. State AGs have the resources and the authority to change how a company conducts business; this is true whether AGs are acting alone, as part of multi-state investigations, or collaborating with federal agencies.

State AGs are not omnipotent or infallible; they can be defeated. As in most things, succeeding requires skill, experience and a fine understanding of AG vulnerabilities. This 60-minute webinar, featuring former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, is designed exclusively for business leaders and in-house counsel.

Topics Discussed

  • The Exxon-Mobile counter-attack strategy
  • What to do when the AG hires private attorneys on a contingency fee basis
  • The extent of state AG authority over false claims and unfair trade practices
  • How to engage “friendly” AGs
  • The AG’s tools and tactics of choice, and how to fight back


Click here to download a copy of the materials.

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